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From Marta
Many of the recipes are Cuban that have been in her family for many generations. Some are tested and some are still in the works. She is work on them and putting them into a book format the will be available at some time in the future.

Marta Zacek

From Cecile

Having collected recipes throughout the years from family, friends and my travels, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorites under one cover. Recipes are forever changing  due to health, diet, product availability and differences in taste but it is still nice to remember the way our families used to cook --- so here are some recipes the way I remember them. The recipes are listed according to categories with the index in front of each category. I hope you will add your own favorite recipes to this list.

Cecile Zacek

A note from the webmaster

These recipes have been copied from their original version and have not been edited for errors. Many of them are missing oven temperatures, have miss-spelled word or abbreviation. When you find a recipe that has errors if you could open it in WORDS, from the index, make the correction and send it to me, it would help immensely. This will be an on-going editing process as I get updates from you. There is a link on this site that you can use to send me the edited recipe. When you find a recipe that has errors down load it in word, make the correction, and do a copies and past onto the Edit Recipe page and submit.


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